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lemon pouch


trapper hat 2

comments: my mom wanted one too after seeing mine.

trapper hat

comments: the front flap's length is most accurate in the second picture. I flipped it up more for the model photo~

I'm happy with how this turned out but I *might* eventually semi-frog this to make adjustments...like shortening and shaping the ear flap more. maybe for next winter?

lace trim basket

comments: currently in the process of cleaning and culling my room...now my lip products are compact and no longer scattered (and will never scatter) on my shelf (◜▿◝) this is one of those things I should've done way earlier but oh well, it's here now and I love it.


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comments: I'm already dreaming of spring and summer...I made this with the intention of wearing it with a cream tiered dress I recently thrifted. the brown yarn is my absolute favourite. I've had it in my collection since forever and is one of those rare yarns I purchased at retail. it's too bad that all I have left is a tiny ball...


01/17/2024 + 0/20/2024
comments: scarf I made for mom. I made pretty much the same one for my dad but I didn't grab a photo (◞‿◟) z

apple slice scrunchie

comments: inspired by an illustration by ↑satou_sugar18!

tulip keychain

references: 1*, 2
comments: wow...based on everything posted in December, it's hard to believe that I dislike doing amigurumi patterns. it's still very troublesome, but I made some very cute things!

*I found some parts confusing and ended up free handing most of the tulip and the decreases to make the shape cuter.

⁑for the leaves I put 4sc instead of 5sc.

baby blue flower bouquet coaster

references: 1
comments: for j_a's mom <3

miffy keychain

references: 1
comments: for s_h <3

bonnet cat keychain

references: 1
comments: for j_a <3

rose accessory

references: 1
comments: I thought a rose belt detail would look good with this sweater dress I thrifted for k_a. the belt is also multi-purpose, and can be tied into a necklace or headband.

pochacco earmuffs

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comments: a birthday gift for b_a! a fun fact: I was simultaneously crocheting, coding (this page), and making graphics on photoshop. my hands were seriously cramping the next day ;;

bunny grid pattern

comments: use double crochet

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