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I've been playing on/off since 2013. I restarted my town twice. The first town I named Pixelton on whim because I really couldn't think of anything else. lost motivation, town was dumpy, didn't like name - goodbye Pixelton! My second town I named Angel. I loved it for a while but then I decided to time travel like no tomorrow and a bunch of my hybrid flowers died. then my favourite villager, Tia moved out and I was so heartbroken that I didn't play for a while. new realizations: I had no cute villagers and my town map was stupid looking - goodbye Angel! so here's the third town, Capsule.

(mostly showcasing my home because interior design gives me joy)

? did you know: I wanted my neocities url to be capsule but it was already taken

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chinese restaurant
clothing shop
relax (u_u)

under construction, these links lead to nowhere

? did you know 2: capsule is probably my favourite word