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07/28: 20 000 pageviews. I think I actually hit 20k a day or two ago but oh well. thank you always. love

06/20: created closet.html

06/14: finally updated profile.html hoo boy

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12/31: guestbook link is back...the internet is lonely

12/08: 10 000 pageviews, dang!

11/22: website button created

11/15: renamed listen.html → music.html, also changed the layout. won't be embedding videos anymore (too crowded, slow)

10/28: redid index.html. it looks so much better...! I've always struggled with index pages, my last one was really empty and plain

today-forever (hopefully): new log entry. if I updated this every time I wrote a new entry it would be so much.

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☆: April. 18, 2018