September. 19, 2021: drowning love コウを追いかけて I really really love this

August. 23, 2021: hunned bandz - tanukichan

August. 11, 2021: in your arms - sandy alex g

July. 13, 2021: wife - mitski

July. 8, 2021: thursday girl - mitski listening to thursday girl on a thursday...

tell me no
tell me no
tell me no
tell me no
somebody please tell me no

June. 25, 2021: cherry-coloured funk - cocteau twins

June. 19, 2021: 知己知彼 - Faye Wong

June. 17, 2021: afternoon sister - air

2 0 1 8

December. 17, 2018: burden - coma cinema that's the burden that we both bear
lay your burden down

November. 17, 2018: nothing to you - TUX 黑白貓樂團 when we were sitting side by side
I wish I could leave you alone
the voice in my heart told me to stay
it doesn't mean a thing to you

November. 15, 2018: beautiful world - utada hikaru / people in the dark - phoon

October. 9, 2018: shut up kiss me - angel olsen

September. 26, 2018: my sunny day - the silent love another sunny day I'm thinking of you
you're always on my mind
I miss you...
my sunny day!

I love this song and video! so upbeat and kind.
I hope you find your sunny day.

September. 19, 2018: tsumetai hana/冷たい花 - the brilliant green / hello another way - the brilliant green / 粉紅A-請坐 / a secret/一個秘密 - butterbeer :)

September. 15, 2018: 粉紅A-體育

September. 11, 2018: hardly ever smile - POiSON GiRL FRiEND

August. 29, 2018: columbia river - lomelda summer is saying goodbye.

everybody tries to make me dance but I just want to sit still
if the sun won't rise when the morning comes I'll be ready 'cause I don't depend
on those things like philosophy and the sunrise, moon tides, pursuit of happiness.
in this city that reminds me I'm alone.

August. 27, 2018: four leaf clover - the kooks my brother's been playing this and now it's slightly stuck in my head!

August. 15, 2018: first love / late spring - mitski / geyser - mitski / I bet on losing dogs - mitski I've been on a mitski kick lately. it started with two slow dancers. it's on my spotify but I don't have premium for mobile so I can't repeat songs or select anything. spotify just plays random mitski songs and I've been liking a lot of them.

August. 9, 2018: two slow dancers - mitski

July. 30, 2018: hollow - sandy alex g don't talk too much
you'll hurt yourself
I know
I'm hollow
don't take a trip
don't let me down
I know
I'm hollow

July. 27, 2018: I think I love you - waxahatchee I like the live performance so much more than the studio version.

July. 26, 2018: change - sandy alex g / big dumb animal - thingy

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